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The Golden Rule (Newton’s 3rd Law)


Rewiring the Mind – Life, Knowledge Cubed – Part 18

Blog Series “Life, Knowledge Cubed” – Part 18 Chapter 3 – Perception is Reality Back: Part 17 As you’ve might have sensed earlier in this series I have very strong sentiments about the debased behavior of these Afghan soldiers when I was recollecting my memory of it. It’s obvious that it left a powerful emotional […]

The God Principle

If energy, laws, and action must exist for existence, then where did it originate from? Outside our universe, inside our universe, or from ourselves?

The Principle of the Situation

The Principle of “The Situation” Todd’s father was evil, but Todd would never admit that. His father was an ambassador and highly regarded by those inside the political beltway. He wasn’t physically abusive to Todd and his family, he was a psychological tyrant. No one could do better than he could, and he made sure […]

Down the Rabbit Hole

I’ll refer to this couple as John and Jane, since this is not the place to put them into more struggle than they currently already are in. John is a good father to their new born baby, which was born under great trial. Jane’s body continued to try to kill the baby. John confided to […]

The Plight of the Children

The Plight of the Children The love of liberty and the love of the natural rights of mankind are deeply rooted in the love and fear of God. That is the origin of the American great experiment. The fruit of our founder’s labor has been organizations like the Girl Scouts and the Boy Scouts to […]

Self-respect is the Balance

Self-respect is the BalanceCurrently there is more propaganda than education when it comes to understanding yourself. Information is power, and those who control it feel they have the power. But information about yourself cannot be controlled, only manipulated. For instance the misinformation in regards to self-esteem I believe has been an attempt to confuse a […]