Justice – Life, Knowledge Cubed – Part 24

Blog series “Life, Knowledge Cubed” – Part 24

Chapter Four – Kindergarten Refresher

Last: Part 23


Justice is a powerful word and unless you understand justice you will have no real understanding of revenge or vengeance. In fact if you’re also interested in revolution you’ll want to understand Justice as well. Justice is core to understanding life’s balance of what maintains good order.

Justice is from the latin word justitia, which means equality or righteousness (from old English word combination for right and wise) and is very similar, if not a derivative to the Greek word iustitia.  In Hebrew Tzedakah means both justice and righteousness and is the same word used for charity. In Chinese means justice; righteousness; or meaning. The form is based on a combination of sheep and a character representing a hand holding a spear “I”. Meaning justice is the power to tame individual aggression, so that the human becomes as docile as a sheep. [Read]


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