Respect and Self-Control – Life, Knowledge Cubed – Part 22

Blog series “Life, Knowledge Cubed” – Part 22

Chapter Four – Kindergarten Refresher

Last: Part 21

The First Lesson: Respect and Self-Control

After my morning group the rest of the class time will be all about chaos this and chaos that. The children will get very charismatic about it, often to the point that a child will hover over their peers and like a vulture just wait for them to create chaos so they can quickly tell a teacher. There will be some tension in the room from time to time, but being in preschool and kindergarten it always stays very minor. But I try to point those out for the conclusion of the “first lesson” at the last group.

“I’ve noticed everyone got pretty good at finding chaos,” I’ll start the group out with, “I noticed also that you all were being extra careful about doing your works in good order too. And I noticed that many of you were very quick to point out the chaos in your friends. Your friends weren’t very happy with you for that either. Is it your responsibility to control your friends?” [Read]


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