Rewiring the Mind – Life, Knowledge Cubed – Part 18

Blog Series “Life, Knowledge Cubed” – Part 18

Chapter 3 – Perception is Reality

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As you’ve might have sensed earlier in this series I have very strong sentiments about the debased behavior of these Afghan soldiers when I was recollecting my memory of it. It’s obvious that it left a powerful emotional memory (to the traumatic degree) and placed such a mark that it gets recalled even when I’m not trying. For me it acts like a constant reminder that this does exist in the world, but it doesn’t motivate me to hate, it actually motivates me to do what I’m doing right now. Their lack of understanding is killing them, and lack of knowledge is really killing us all. So my desire in teaching about life comes from this emotional memory and is this external influence that has kept my focus on my objective to learn and teach the importance of determining right living. [Read]


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