Sinking in Troubled Waters – Life, Knowledge Cubed – Part 17

Blog Series “Life, Knowledge Cubed” – Part 17

Chapter 3 – Perception is Reality

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Good perception is carefully thought out observations and results in smooth sailing. When we start getting into rough waters and can’t seem to figure out if the churning was done by some unseen force or the result of our own ignorance, its best to first assume your perceptions are troubling the mind, and perform a reality check.


The subconscious I believe to be the under the surface process our mind uses to find equilibrium of our surroundings, taking all the information in allowing the conscious to deal with the necessary reactions for survival. The subconscious will instinctively process information based off of lessons learned, comparisons of other observations and balance. Here is the unseen active processor reaching into emotional memories, or placing in pieces of a puzzle your unaware you’re working on. When something doesn’t seem right, or a conclusion has been found, the subconscious will then bring it back into conscious for final approval or action. I imagine it is like the background programs running your computer. There are several things happening behind the application you’re working on that without it the application won’t function correctly.[Read]


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