Life, Knowledge Cubed – Part 8

 Blog Series “Life, Knowledge Cubed” – Part 8

Chapter Two – Character (Continued)

Part 7

Yellow Sector: Behavior

The character of this Chaplain was developed by his behavior over time, so this one act alone didn’t develop his character his continual behavior did. Behavior is the combination of his actions and his will (motive). Action is simply the combination of direct and indirect actions- the natural law of cause and effect. So answering the question on why the Chaplain would do this I can either perceive that he had sought to do me in, or it was just completely thoughtless. All this information is important for me to understand not only his motive but his character. Because he lied to me he knew it was a great error he committed, and his self image was more important to him than the reality that was before him. He decided to cover up his pain, refuse to take responsibility for it, or even to just say sorry. Pride is the opposition to humility and the promotion of a lie; it keeps us in the cycle of pain and deteriorates good character. [Read More]


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