Life, Knowledge Cubed – Part 3

Blog post series “Life, Knowledge Cubed” – Part 3

Chapter 1 – The Situation (continued)

Continuation from Part 2

Her Perception Distortion

“I found it impossible to relate to good people and sought out those I could relate to. Even though I was never alone in my misery, I was always alone in my pain. When I was young I was able to find some strength in taunting naive ignorant children who knew nothing of evil. As the years went I learned that I could be my impulsive self and not get into any real trouble. There were always teachers, priests and my parents to keep me in line, even in abuse I found a footing, but my brilliance was only street smarts, the result of my ignorance increasing. My misdeeds along with their twisted wisdom warped all sense of reality. The reality was that I was not the rebel I thought I was, but I had become their equal in their vice. [See more]


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