Life, Knowledge Cubed – Part 1

Author explaining the situation

Author explaining the situation


This is the introduction of our series on results of our Knowledge Cubed understanding of life. What is Knowledge Cubed? This  series will be posted about three times a week here. It’s our refining process to share our conclusions for your impression. This project exists to provide clear understanding about life. Why?As lead investigator and developer of this project, I feel it is important to give you my moment of truth, so to speak, a moment of unequivocal clarity that best pinpoints the beginning of this project. It was here that this really became a necessary element to devote my life to. The clarity that I gained was not what you’d expect and never in a place this low. It was a clarity of our situation in humanity which came to me while witnessing the most depraved and degraded state of man.

I was standing in a small room in the complete darkness as commander of the guard, watching our attacker’s most likely avenue of approach for any signs of advance. The distance between us, a platoon of mainly U.S. soldiers and the company of our potential attackers was no more than fifty feet away. It was decided by our commander that we would ride out this night in an Alamo…. – See more at:


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