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Life, Knowledge Cubed – Part 8

Our Character is developed over time by our behavior. Not only does our actions speak louder than our words, but our word is nothing compared to our character.


Life, Knowledge Cubed – Part 7

Blog Series “Life, Knowledge Cubed”– Part 7 Chapter 2- The Individual “Know Thyself” Chapter two will sketch out what makes up an individual. Understanding the nature of humans is vital for a good functional society. Being honest with our weaknesses and wise to wrong thinking would have saved billions of dollars now wasted, countless lives […]

Life, Knowledge Cubed – Part 6

Chapter 1 – The Situation (conclusion) Continuation from Part 5 Conclusion of Chapter One, “The Situation.” The strength of an individual can be measured by their type; Brittle, Resilient, or Solid. This can determine how a situation will affect us; will be fall apart, bounce back, or remain unmoved? [Read]

Life, Knowledge Cubed – Part 5

Explaining the elements, or parts, of a painful situation, and the dangers of what happens to you when holding onto that pain.

Life, Knowledge Cubed -Part 4

She was from a very prominent family in Canada around the 1850’s, and only lived to be twenty six years old. She did not ruin herself in prostitution, alcoholism, etc., as did many from the other stories, she kept her image of innocence in the eyes of all the city. Her ruin was completely confined in the walls of her local parish.

Life, Knowledge Cubed – Part 3

The final part of her situation and the natural effects of wrong action creating wrong results. Destroyed, selfish, ruined, depressed are all signs of decay.

Life, Knowledge Cubed-Part 2

The Situation, a composite of tragic life stories into one story. The common theme of many tragic life stories follow similar patterns, or principle, giving us an important insight into life.