The Principle of the Situation

The Principle of “The Situation”

Todd’s father was evil, but Todd would never admit that. His father was an ambassador and highly regarded by those inside the political beltway. He wasn’t physically abusive to Todd and his family, he was a psychological tyrant. No one could do better than he could, and he made sure Todd knew it. Success was not awarded but expected, and failure would never be forgotten. This abusive man hit his family hard, emotionally. Todd and his siblings all ended up in very bad situations in life, his mother divorced, and Todd was eventually sent to live with his uncle. The damage was catastrophic, and Todd himself became like his father, a narcissistic tyrant who’s pity for those less fortunate was to show them how great he really was for them. In and out of jail for petty thefts, destruction of private property, and a multitude of vehicle violations, Todd hit bottom and tried to commit suicide by driving through red lights in excessive speeds. He did not care who he’d kill to die. [read more]


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