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Movie Review: The Giver

Movie Review: The Giver The Giver, starring Meyrl Streep as chancellor, and Jeff Bridges, as the giver, seeks to explain the importance of truth, defined as understanding human history, and the destructive nature of pain, unresolved. After the pain of a broken world, a new order was created as a correction to the failure of […]

The God Principle

If energy, laws, and action must exist for existence, then where did it originate from? Outside our universe, inside our universe, or from ourselves?

The Principle of the Situation

The Principle of “The Situation” Todd’s father was evil, but Todd would never admit that. His father was an ambassador and highly regarded by those inside the political beltway. He wasn’t physically abusive to Todd and his family, he was a psychological tyrant. No one could do better than he could, and he made sure […]