Hope for Destruction (It’s a Safer Bet)

falling children“Our children have fallen,” cries out the older woman, and all in attendance agree. The children in deed have fallen, and not only that but has ingested so much poison that it has infected them as parents in this community. The community that once was balanced to reality has tipped over into that vast pool of fallacies. They blame the lure of instant gratification; they blame their children’s impulsiveness, and their lack of discipline. They blame games, or the power of drug lords, billionaires, or professors. They blame and they point, and they feel they are free from the blame and from the point. Yet they are the parents.

Yes you can delegate just about everything that is required of a parent to their child except responsibility. If you pointed the way, set the path, made the map, and the results is devastating, do you blame the traveler who followed your directions?… [read more] http://lifeknowledgecubed.com/hope-for-destruction-its-a-safer-bet/


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