You are Never Balanced


One of the pinnacle concepts in life is balance. The important reality to understand is that you are not balanced, you are balancing. Only the law is balanced (and I mean the law of reality), you must remain in center of law in order to achieve its purpose. If you fail to balance on these laws, you will fall over and have to deal with the consequences. All areas of your life must be balanced, but it’s like setting up a pile of rocks that you can then walk away from and have it remain there for generations, no, it would be like setting up plates on the end of a stick and walking across a tight rope. It can be very challenging at times, and often people feel the need to add complexity to their situations, like riding a unicycle at the same time. The simple truth of the matter is you need only walk across and keep disciplined to balance. There is no need to add complexity for better balance. That is illogical. There is no such thing as better balance. You either are balancing or you’re not. [read more]


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