Life is Forward Moving

Family_BikeThe simple matter of balance, peace, and harmony with life have more to do with how you ride in the race than the goal. Life is forward moving; it doesn’t ride you, you ride it.

Self-help books and many life philosophy guides seem to be very interlocked to one set of principles. The Taoist approach to life. Inner peace is the goal as well as the starting point in Taoism. You must reach balance if you are ever going to be able to bring balance to your life. So your end state must be present before you can begin. You must have accomplished your project before you start to build it. It’s a catch 22 approach, and full of circular reasoning.

A very fatal fracture in the hope for Taoist reality is in the central theme; producing your own “positive” energy. This would have to defy the laws of nature, and suggests then that nature is at war with peace, and order. Impossible. The basic and most profound understanding of the laws of energy is that it cannot be created nor destroyed. It exists beyond our reality, and is eternal at that. For a Taoist to claim the ability to create your own energy is simply not factual. Also the idea that you must first reach the goal before you can start the race will only frustrate the participants. [read more]


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