The Perfect System

ImageThe Perfect System

People build civilization, but if left unattended their system could re-build it into a cage. All types of societies, whether it is a natural society like family, a particular society like a social club, or a political society we call government, have the same basic structure. Foundational to any society, and why they do what they do, is how they view the world. Their ideology (world philosophy) develops or changes all other factors of their society. Their political, economical, infrastructural, as well as their cultural (social norms and taboos) sectors follow their line of thought/ belief. For a family the society generally becomes more of an oligarchy, with the eldest as the head. If the eldest becomes demanding and tyrannical, or if the family becomes too large, it will split, and succeed from their union to start their own. This split is as natural as dividing cells, and happens in every family. It can be violent, or passive, or it can be through inheritance to the wishes of the elder’s departure. Regardless, it is natural and necessary for the maintenance of balance (justice.) [Read more]


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