Monthly Archives: March 2014

Self-respect is the Balance

Self-respect is the BalanceCurrently there is more propaganda than education when it comes to understanding yourself. Information is power, and those who control it feel they have the power. But information about yourself cannot be controlled, only manipulated. For instance the misinformation in regards to self-esteem I believe has been an attempt to confuse a […]

The Perfect System

The Perfect System People build civilization, but if left unattended their system could re-build it into a cage. All types of societies, whether it is a natural society like family, a particular society like a social club, or a political society we call government, have the same basic structure. Foundational to any society, and why […]

Understanding the Darkness

Understanding the Darkness When you’re walking in the sun light you forget there are those lurking in the shadows. Even though I now live in the warmth of reality, I know many continue searching in holes, caves, dark caverns in their own soul for some glimmer of light. “Why not just come out into the […]

Sex VS Marriage

  Sex vs Marriage Speaking strictly scientifically (at least the best that I can) the chemical reaction between the male and the female through the reproductive organs, produces a child. The principle is really no different than mixing vinegar and baking soda. The vinegar is acidic and the baking soda is alkaline, both are on […]

“The Sky is Falling!”

“The Sky is Falling!”   Remember the lesson of Chicken Little? Once upon a time there was a young chick named Chicken Little, playing by an acorn tree when all of the sudden he was struck in the head with an acorn. The Chicken Little, not knowing much things, thought the acorn came from the […]