Disinformation Galore

"I'm going to change the world by loving on people." 1981-2007

“I’m going to change the world by loving on people.” 1981-2007

Disinformation Galore

I don’t watch television, nor do I have the means to watch television. I watch movies on a tv set, but there is no cable or satellite etc. But when we all pack into our hotel room I like to at least see the weather and flip through the news, normal Dad stuff. This weekend we watched a movie that was very interesting (don’t have a clue what it’s called) and not being used to seeing commercials we watch those too. My kids have gotten pretty good at calling out the disinformation, so much so I had to write this observation.

We made a game out of how many commercials we watch that told us what was good, what was fun, what joy was, what happiness is, that emotions are superior to logic. I have to say as entertaining as it was to call out these jack-asses on their attempts to disinform me and my family, it was equally disgusting to realized how effective this is to ill minds. If you have a top immune system you pass by sick people and give them a tissue, but if you’re have an immune deficiency you get sick instantly. The same goes with the mind. [read more] http://lifeknowledgecubed.com/disinformation-galore/


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