Truth is the Point Beyond Knowledge

Truth is the Point Beyond Knowledge

When we are confronted with truth, it is often not truth to us but an opposition. We struggle with it like it was some arrogant monster trying to put us down, to mock us, to gain power over us to enslave us.

When I was in high school a good friend at the time had been very interested in what some people we had met were saying. We had both met them together but my initial reaction was caution, and I was too ignorant to articulate why.  But my friend returned to their group to investigate further. Now we were sitting together with two completely different perspectives. My conclusion was not based off of the amount of evidence he had just acquired but only by the “feeling” I had about these people. I did not have enough understanding about truth to know rationally why I didn’t like them. But faced with a friend who had emotionally completely accept them was challenging. Especially since he had more eye witness evidence.

The story I had to experience to learn this lesson would be a made for movie story; supernatural works and wonders with people running out in terror, a police chase, a raid, a woman, hiding in a basement, jail, a court battle, and hearing that free tone of liberty called truth. [Read More]


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