Monthly Archives: February 2014

In Search for the Truth

In Search for the Truth  In a debate about an issue I will tend to find the principle of truth in that issue, which often means searching for the generalization, or a self evident truth. Once my opponent and I agree on the general truth of the matter, I’m better at understanding where my debater […]

Disinformation Galore

Disinformation Galore I don’t watch television, nor do I have the means to watch television. I watch movies on a tv set, but there is no cable or satellite etc. But when we all pack into our hotel room I like to at least see the weather and flip through the news, normal Dad stuff. […]

Truth is the Point Beyond Knowledge

Truth is the Point Beyond Knowledge When we are confronted with truth, it is often not truth to us but an opposition. We struggle with it like it was some arrogant monster trying to put us down, to mock us, to gain power over us to enslave us. When I was in high school a […]

The Knowledge of Good and Evil

The knowledge of Good and Evil There is no shortage of deep philosophical discussions in my household. My children can intimately confirm that. The other morning I discussed a challenge I had been given by some of my weekly attendees from a group I started: I was making my point (or attempting to) by starting […]