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New Video: “Core to Life… in 2 min”

My daughter did the voice over, which I think really makes this just awesome. Perfect. (More videos.) Advertisements

Self Evident Truth

Self evident truth are those things that are so common sense that a child knows as obvious. I know, because I’ve surveyed many children, and continue to do so as part of my teaching. A sampling of these questions I put below as polls. Go through them and see how basic they are. Collectivism teaches […]

Suum Cuique “To each what he Deserves.”

Suum Cuique “To each what he Deserves.” This self evident truth is one of the pillars of philosophical thought, not that it makes a philosopher wise, but that it proves the philosopher observant. Cicero says “To each his own.” Job says “As I have seen, those who plow iniquity and sow trouble reap the same.” […]

The Culture of Public Thought

The Culture of Public Thought At undisclosed locations in Afghanistan, members of various public departments are hard at work trying to spend tax payer’s money. This money is to build Afghan’s infrastructure which supports Afghanistan’s Islamic Republic system. It is a strategic endeavor to bring stability to a region that, even at that present time, […]