“Control the Person and You can Control the Gun”

“Control the person and you can control the gun. Control the gun and you can stop the madness of idiots using powerful anti-person weapons.” This is an actual quote from a frustrated individual discussing the anniversary of the horrible Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. As in most cases with these types of crimes those who hurt will hurt those that don’t. This individual’s statement is so off that I have to address it. I understand his frustration, but his ignorance would cause greater harm than the Sandy Hook killer. His statement is an impulsive reaction based out of ignorance, which is the result of laziness – the ever present disease to human nature.  I’m not intending to be mean here, I’m concluding it from following the principles. [See more] http://lifeknowledgecubed.com/control-the-person-and-you-control-the-gun/


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    It’s about Control. Nothing else.

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