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The Paths

The Paths The Struggle the Victory the Failure The Struggle The struggle is “we step and we stumble”, “we step and we stumble”. We wrestle a bear, subduing it for a moment and falling again to its grasp, over and over again. The Victory Victory results in the continual climb away from of our struggle. […]

“Control the Person and You can Control the Gun”

“Control the person and you can control the gun. Control the gun and you can stop the madness of idiots using powerful anti-person weapons.” This is an actual quote from a frustrated individual discussing the anniversary of the horrible Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. As in most cases with these types of crimes those who […]

There’s No Right Turn Down the Wrong Direction

There’s No Right Turn Down the Wrong Direction The problem with being the only male in a car going to a location is that you’re driving directions are constantly coming to you by committee. A left or a right is decided quickly by consensus and often the winning conclusion is made by the lady respected […]