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Nature is Not in Conflict

My grades in science proved that you don’t get good results with conflicting with science teachers. The law of opposites states that nature is in a dialectic state of being. Dialectic is the tension or conflict that is present when two opposing forces or ideas are interacting; like a debate, or congress. Hegelian dialectic says […]

Justice Versus Revenge

Justice versus Revenge After losing two relatives to a drunk driver, who himself was not killed, the discussion of revenge was thick in the family’s thoughts and talk. For our case the driver had already lost his license, had no vehicle, and was currently wanted in Wisconsin. But in his drunken mid afternoon state of […]

New Blog Site

I’ve moved my blog onto my own domain etc.

There is a Right Order to Things

While working in Africa I had the opportunity to get onto an agricultural team to a “kingdom” in Togo. The king had applied for assistance from our group specifically since it was a Christian organization, and he used the agricultural issues as his way to get us there. But his real purpose was revealed once […]