How did we decline to chaos?

I received an excellent question on about how could the Islamic version of peace and order be so prevalent now in western society? What happened?

Because we are determined to define right I’ll need to reword this question to be more universal, or macro – as is the term we’ll keep using. So let’s take the micro part, ‘Islamic’, out and just call it ‘opposing’; which is more macro. So the question enlarge is “How can an opposing version of peace and order become so prevalent in a society?”

[If you’ve read our first book, we defined peace and order similarly. Peace is being at calm, which is the composed state out from being in order.]

A moral society is one that stands in sync with the laws of nature, and therefore has the laws of nature on their side. The laws of nature are absolute, so if that society follows that law they are a rock. An immoral society on the other hand rejects the rock and pushes it away in an attempt to create new laws that satisfies personal peace and affluence. In reality they are trading strength for fragility. They are perishable.

The club, or ‘opposition’, hits no harder to either, but with a rock the club will break, and without the rock the club will rule. I think of Rome and Greece, as well as more modern times of Europe and America, which followed this same equation of respecting the absolute state of the laws of nature; that power comes from the people naturally, and government is created to serve the people. It’s a simple principle but also aligns with natural law (or order). Who wouldn’t protect that condition to the death?

What ended empires was not a stronger force, but that they in time rejected liberty and demanded license. Liberty became too much work, and pleasure took too long to get there. So they redefined reality, and devoted themselves and enforced this new way in the attempt to define natural law to their pleasure. They wanted to live in extravagance without the consequence of debt.  Yet consequence still came regardless of their perception of reality. They became fragile and opposition easily destroyed their empires.

So how can an opposing version of peace and order become so prevalent in our society? It must be because our society is weak.


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