The Determination to Define Right

 Image“It” is so simple. And that is the key; simple. Details of a thing are points to the whole, where “it” is. And “it” is one thing. I walk around and see that everything is only part of one thing, and the one thing is “it;” “reality”.

The war against reality is a rebellion to Nature, not matter – for that they serve- no they war over the principle of it all. Listening to the finite shadows tell them lies they know no better. Nature though will only, if slowly, return them to right, if not on their own, against themselves. Nature cannot be moved, nor can it be controlled. No, nature is control. Nature is order, and order is returned but only to those that abide by it, otherwise nature is a torment, a tyrant, and a torturer. That is what those in disorder say about it, and blames all others for their troubles.

Consider this: your desire is not your own, but what was placed inside you. You seek order or peace, you seek love or purpose, your rebellion is the result of their lies, your reality is under their spell, and that is not of nature. That will bring problems, confusion, chaos, trouble. All that you seek to run from, you run to. Yet you won’t see it. You’re blind to it. I’m sorry you’re blind. Maybe, if you’re willing, I’ll show you the way. But you need to stop listening to those infinite shadows that mean to destroy you. See the whole, serve no part and let the order guide you straight. There is a guide, it’s called right, and nature demands it. It just takes the determination to define Right.


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