Monthly Archives: July 2013

How did we decline to chaos?

I received an excellent question on about how could the Islamic version of peace and order be so prevalent now in western society? What happened? Because we are determined to define right I’ll need to reword this question to be more universal, or macro – as is the term we’ll keep using. So let’s take […]

The big picture

When we look at something so close, we forget how great it really is. Astronauts know what I’m saying, Grandparents know the same thing, and God knows best.

Equal Justice under what law?

Equal justice under the law is not a decree by man but a statement of the natural state of peace; the laws of nature make no determination between one individual or the other. The tall man and the short woman do not live under different laws of nature. Both are pulled at equal rates with […]

The Determination to Define Right

 “It” is so simple. And that is the key; simple. Details of a thing are points to the whole, where “it” is. And “it” is one thing. I walk around and see that everything is only part of one thing, and the one thing is “it;” “reality”. The war against reality is a rebellion to […]